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Time Picker for FileMaker Go on iOS

I watched this short video by Angel City Data and was inspired to create my own Time Picker for FileMaker Go on iOS.

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Running FileMaker Scripts from Your Desktop with Launchy or Alfred

Here is a cool trick, a method of running FileMaker Pro scripts directly from the Desktop on Mac or Windows computers. My friend Joshua Paul of Neo Code Software sent me an email with the headline “Launchy/Alfred + FileMaker FMP URI = AWESOME“. Josh is often coming up with innovative approaches to technical challenges, so I […]

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MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro 12 – Part 4 of 4

Readers have reported problems running this file on Windows in FileMaker 11. The problem is that with a Web Viewer on Windows, Internet Explorer, the underlying technology behind the Web Viewer on Windows doesn’t like raw JSON files returned from MailChimp. There are some other solutions for FM 11, but it is fairly simple to […]

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How to Clear a Saved Password in FileMaker

Saved your password and can’t get to it? Here is how to get it ‘unsaved’ “Remember this password in my keychain” clicked accidentally? Sometimes, whether accidentally or intentionally, users will click the ‘Remember this password in my keychain. I usually recommend, especially for laptop users, that they not check this option, because then password control […]

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