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Harnessing FileMaker Pro 12/13’s Document Management Features WITHOUT FileMaker Server

Many small businesses take advantage of FileMaker Pro’s ability to host up to 5 clients from a copy of FileMaker Pro, rather than invest in the more pricey FileMaker Server. Recently, I encountered just such a client who wanted to add some document management features to their solution and I wasn’t sure they would be […]

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Dialing Phone Numbers using SkypeOut from FileMaker Pro

A while back, I found a technique to launch Skype and using the SkypeOut URI scheme, dial a number in Skype. I tested the ability recently and was surprised to see that the technique seems to be broken. Back in 2006 Skype announced on their blog that a FileMaker plug-in had been created by Premium […]

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FileMaker Navigation – Go to Layout Script

This is a demonstration of a simple navigation system. FileMaker has had layout tab objects for a while and they are great, but in many solutions you actually want to move between layouts to view different data tables. I show the way I like to do it and then an alternative that works in some […]

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UTF, WTF! Writing HTML and JSON from FileMaker

Recently, I was working on a Timeline creation database. A FileMaker Pro database is used to store the events that will be displayed on the timeline. When the data has been entered, the database is designed to export two files, one an HTML file for the main page display and the second a JSON file […]

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Database Development with FileMaker Pro Advanced on a tablet

Is database development with FileMaker Pro Advanced possible on a tablet computer yet? Not really, but soon, maybe. FileMaker Go is a wonderful tool for deploying FileMaker databases on iOS devices (iPad, iPods and iPhones) but it leaves something to be desired for the FileMaker developer. There is no way to flip open the hood […]

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Making FileMaker interact with Google Translate

A reader from Germany recently thanked me for making the FileMaker to Google 2D Barcode example file and requested a similar demo of having FileMaker work with Google Translate. I took up the challenge, because I wish this functionality was built into things like Facebook (so I can understand my German, French and Danish friends […]

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Getting FileMaker Go databases onto an iOS device using Dropbox

FileMaker Go is a great technology to allow users to take their databases on the road. In a corporate setting sharing data is easy, just put the database on FileMaker Server and access the database via the Internet using a domain name or an IP address. Individual users without such a setup are left with […]

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Shortening URLs using FileMaker

Update: 2012-11-27 At the request for reader Robin, I had a closer look at this and it seems that both Google and have gone to POST method (rather than the simpler GET method) and are more locked down. They both now require an API key. You could build a method for this approach, but […]

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“FileMaker Go” demonstrates Apple’s double standard on Flash

UPDATE Sept. 9th, 2010. Apple: We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart. Based on their input, today we are making some important changes to our iOS Developer Program license in sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2 and 3.3.9 to relax some restrictions we put in place earlier this year. In particular, […]

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‘FileMaker Go for the iPhone’ – a First Look

As you may have heard by now, FileMaker has finally launched portable versions of FileMaker Pro, called FileMaker Go. These two versions will run on the iPhone/iPod Touch ($19.99) and the iPad ($39.99). As FileMaker developers, we were given a glimpse of this product family last year (we didn’t know it would be a family […]

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