FileMaker Timeline


timeline.pngClick on the image above to view a timeline of FileMaker Pro software’s development over the years. This timeline to experiment with a Javascript Library called TimelineJS. Some of the dates are likely not exact. This database is now hosted by Luminfire. They were kind enough to take over development and maintenance, as I am doing less in the FileMaker area.

To see how this Timeline was created in FileMaker Pro, please view this blog posting. A demo database is here.

14 Responses to “FileMaker Timeline”

  1. no content at the link… as of this morning. (fri 8/24/12)

  2. Good stuff! This is a great resource. Thanks!

  3. Great stuff! Takes me back to my earlier FM days. Thanks!

  4. Great stuff! But the feature set for FileMaker 4 is wrong. These are the features of FileMaker Pro 4.

  5. Doesn’t load at all in Chrome, looks great in Firefox though

  6. Not sure how to get this to work on a Windows edition of FM. Could you please help me?

    I cannot get the webpage to load at all after exporting the HTML to desktop and following the rest of the provided instructions.

    • Hi Blake,

      I have run it successfully on a Windows machine, but not in Internet Explorer, which is FileMaker’s default in the Web Viewer.

      If you can view that successfully, then there is hope. Change the script so that the file is generated to your desktop (remember to export and unzip the folder in the Settings area and click the button to download all the images), then open it with Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

      If you are still not getting anywhere, try going to the FileMaker Timeline that is hosted online: using Firefox.


  7. It was like looking at old family photos. Nice job.

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