Free Mortgage Calculator for FileMaker Go 14

I’ve downloaded and tried a few iOS mortgage calculators, but none of them seemed awesome or flexible enough, so I decided to make one for FileMaker Go. It is unlocked so you can modify it to your location and preferences. Any amazing ideas or suggestions, if you send them back to me, I will try to incorporate them into the mortgage calculator template.

The beauty of the FileMaker Platform is that in a few hours you can create an ‘app’ (though you still can’t distribute it through the Apple App Store, sigh.)

Download Template

Download Mortgage Calculator Template

The file is designed mainly for iPhones and tablets. For that reason, the file is not zipped, you should be able to download it directly to your phone and open it in FileMaker Go. I recommend using it with FileMaker Go 14.

Download file to your phone or tablet.

If you don’t already have FileMaker Go 14, install it first, then download this file to your iOS device.

  • Install FileMaker Go 14, available in the Apple App Store.
  • Click the download link in a web browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Then tap the ‘Open in “FileMaker Go” button.

Launch Screen in FileMaker Go

Once you have the file on your device, either by copying it through iTunes or emailing it to yourself and using the share sheet to Open In FileMaker Go, it should show up in the Launch screen with a unique icon.

Mortgage Calculator – Detail View


  1. Store up to three different mortgage scenarios in a record. Vary Cost, Down Payment, Interest Rate and Term to compare multiple payment scenarios.
  2. Use Tab 1, 2 and 3 to enter different scenarios, then use the ‘All’ tab to view all three scenarios
  3. Down payment amount can be entered as a per cent or a dollar amount
  4. Interest rate or down payment percent can be entered without decimals. For instance, you can type 2.56 and get 2.56%, or you can enter .0256 and also get 2.56%.
  5. Keep multiple versions of your mortgage estimates. Store as many records as you like, with three scenarios per record.
  6. Email a quote summary in PDF format to interested parties.
  7. Loosely coupled mortgage rate tables – add your own data source URLs
  8. Custom signature and Logo for PDF Summary
  9. View Totals cost of Mortgage in total dollars, total interest paid and number of payments.
  10. Add standard monthly and annual costs to get a big picture monthly payment

What it doesn’t do:

  • Automatically get mortgage rates – semi manual process, click on a linked web page to find the latest rates.
  • Generate payment schedules
  • Relate to fixed or variable rates, those these can be entered as different scenarios or records
  • Deal with Monthly/Bi-Weekly/Accelerated payback
  • Record or track additional expenses such as transfer taxes, lawyer and realtor fees etc.

Totals Tab

This tab summarizes the total number of payments, total amount paid and the total interest paid for all three scenarios.

Extras Tab

In addition to the monthly mortgage costs, keep track of:

  • condo fees
  • insurance
  • taxes

to get a better idea of the overall monthly costs as well as an annual total.

Mortgage Estimates List View

Keep multiple estimates, with up to three scenarios in each record on file for future reference.

Email Report

The PDF has all the numbers on a single page, including monthly totals, total overall costs and extra costs.

PDF Summary Report

Mortgage Rates Lookup – “Loosely Coupled”

I thought about adding automatic rates tables, but had some issues with this.

  1. Many people have already locked into a mortgage vendor and know what their pre-approved mortgage rate is going to be.
  2. The rate tables available on the web come and go and change format regularly.
  3. If I locked into a Canadian rate table, this app would not be useful for people in other countries.

Writing a parser for rate tables that can be so fluid, seemed not useful. I hope my loosely coupled approach works for you. In most cases, I imagine the user will look up a rate on an institutions web site or check a web-based rate table and then just plug that number in for the purposes of an estimate. This app creates a ballpark figure for planning, and is not an attempt to be exacting. See your lending institution for exact amounts.

Settings – add your own Mortgage Rate URLs, Signature and Logo

  1. Customize your preferred Rates table URLs
  2. Add a signature for the emails
  3. Add your logo for the PDF report

Customize the Mortgage Rate Lookup URLs for your Country or State

My experience was that some of the available rate tables were not that optimized for mobile. If you find a good one that works for your area, tap on the Edit.. option and add it to the system. The ones in the demo file are for Canadian banks and lending institutions.

That’s it, hope this is useful to some of you. Let me know ideas for changes or improvements.

2015-10-15 Update: I added a new Amortization Table layout to the database. Now you can see what 25 or 30 years of debt really look like. Download a fresh copy to get this latest version.


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