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Time Picker for FileMaker Go on iOS

I watched this short video by Angel City Data and was inspired to create my own Time Picker for FileMaker Go on iOS.

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How to find lost image files in your Mac Mail folder

I recently saw mention of an app for the Mac that helps you find your photos lost in your email attachments. It is called Lost Photos and sells for $2.99 in the App Store. Although the price is a bargain and not to take the thunder of out of this app, which does some other […]

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All the Access you want on a Mac

A recent project required accessing MDB files from Access. I found this useful utility in the Mac App Store. Bare Bones Microsoft Access Table Viewer app MDB Viewer available on the Mac Store is really just a bare bones table viewer for Microsoft Access MDB files. It sells for $6 and for the right situation […]

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