File Downloads linked to Blog articles

99 Bottles of Beer – in FileMaker 11 

Download: 99-Bottles.fp7

Creating Google Cluster Maps from FileMaker

Download: ClusterMaps.fp7

Cluster Maps Continued: Perimeter Search in FileMaker Pro 12


Cluster Maps Update – Running URL Scripts in a Web Viewer


Dialing Phone Numbers using SkypeOut from FileMaker Pro

Download: Contacts-Skype-Out Demo

MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro —Part 1 of 4

Download: MailChimp-Integration-Demo.fp7

MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro 12 – Part 4 of 4

Download: MailChimp FileMaker 12 Integration Demo

Making FileMaker interact with Google Translate

Download: FMGoogleTranslate.fp7

Growl Integration with FileMaker

Download: FMGrowlDemo.fp7

FileMaker  and Image Maps in a Web Viewer

Download: FMImageMap.fp7

Creating and Storing 2D Bar Codes in FileMaker

Download: Google2DBarcodeCreateandStore.fp7

Hiding in Plain Sight: Using Invisible Tab Panels for Pick Lists

Download: InvisibleTabPanels.fmp12

Highlighting Rows in FileMaker lists or portals

Download: Highlighting-Portal-Rows-Demo.fp7

No Internet Connection, Can’t use Plugins, Need QR Codes? — Create QR Codes in FileMaker Pro using only Javascript


Javascript QR Code Demo File (a zip file – Desktop)

Javascript QR Code Demo File (.fmp12 file – iOS )

Simple Static Map Overlays in FileMaker Pro

Download: MapOverlays.fp7

Processing Indicator in FileMaker 11

Download: ProcessingIndicator.fp7

FileMaker Progress Indicators using a Web Viewer and Animated GIFs

Download: Progress-Indicators.fp7

Shortening URLs using FileMaker

Download: ShortenURLs.fp7

Where Am I? Using FileMaker Go 12 to track your Location

Download: WhereAmI.fmp12

Windows Management Part I: Cleaning up Windows in FileMaker

Download: WindowsManagement.fp7

Creating Timelines for the web in FileMaker using TimelineJS

Download: FM-TimelineJS.fmp12

Getting Foreign Exchange Rates into FileMaker


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  1. As a FileMaker user, I really love you contributions!

  2. ALBERTO GIOACHINI Reply March 4, 2015 at 12:27 am

    i’m Alberto from Italy, a user and developper tool kit and app fro filemaker since ’90 Claris Work. It’s nice for me your best and professional web site that help a lot of people like me.
    best regards.

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