How to Automate Saving the First Page of a Batch of PDFs as JPGs

Not specifically a FileMaker challenge today, this is an Apple Macintosh Automator/Shell Script routine. I recently had the requirement of generating a set of images for a large set of PDFs—I just needed the first page of a batch of PDFs converted into JPG files.

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Join Tables in FileMaker Pro

To get around the problem of having a many-to-many relationship you need to break apart the many-to-many relationship into two one-to-many relationships. Using a third table, commonly called a “join table”, does this. Each record in the “join table” would have the foreign key fields of the two tables it is joining together.

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Display Formatted Text in a Web Viewer

This idea has been documented before, (Using a Web Viewer as a Field) but I rediscovered it myself recently and thought I might have something to add. As was pointed out in The Support Group article, sometimes as a developer, you want to display a long chunk of text (anything that requires scrolling within a field) to the user, but not allow them to edit that text. Some examples might include displaying a block of help text, or a long software agreement. It is obviously possible to format your text using HTML to achieve this effect, but that can become complicated especially if you are not that good at HTML. Fortunately FileMaker offers a much simpler way to display formatted text this using the GetAsCSS function.

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Smart Phone Caller ID Triggers Customer Search in FileMaker Pro Database

A while back, I did a blog entry on capturing Caller ID to look up FileMaker database contacts using a VOIP system. I thought it might be interesting to see if the same thing could be done with just a mobile phone, such as an iPhone or Android device.

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Taking & Sharing Screenshots of FileMaker Go layouts on your iPad/iPhone

Communicating with your FileMaker application developer or other users of a database system can be greatly facilitated by the use of screenshots. Sending a screenshot from FileMaker Go is fairly easy to accomplish, if you know the secret of capturing. Here is how to do it.

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FileMaker Go 14: Keeping Button Bars and Slide Panels in Sync

Someone suggested using the combination of FileMaker 14’s new button bar with a slide panel to emulate a tab panel. Why bother you ask? Well you get the cool slide animation effect.

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Free Mortgage Calculator for FileMaker Go 14

The beauty of the FileMaker Platform is that in a few hours you can create an ‘app’ …

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Alphabetic Search Buttons using Button Bars in FileMaker 14

FileMaker Pro 14’s new button bar brings a new twist to an old technique for creating alphabetic searches of your data. Instead of creating 26 individual buttons it is possible to create a single button bar object and then easily reformat it using text style changes or FileMaker CSS style changes. The button bar can also be repurposed to horizontal or vertical layouts. Finally I demonstrate how to use the same script from different contexts to perform different searches — a list search and a portal filter.

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Click, Display, Capture – Google Map Longitude & Latitude into FileMaker Pro

Using a Javascript overlay on Google Maps and FileMaker’s URL scheme to channel those coordinates into FileMaker records. Click on a map, add longitude and latitude to FileMaker Pro.

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Locked into a FileMaker Go Screen? You Won’t Believe How One User Got Out!

FileMaker Go has a great new features called ‘Reconnect to Server’, which helps keep your database connection open if your iPad/iPhone falls asleep or your WiFi connection gets dodgy. This great new feature can become a problem if your solution sends the user to a layout from which there is no return. Obviously the first step as […]

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Flipping in FileMaker

Rotating Images or PDFs in Containers with Applescript (Mac) In my previous blog post I talked about automating scanner documents into FileMaker container fields using AppleScript. This was based on a customer request. Logging in to that system recently, I noticed that it was fairly common for staff members to scan documents in upside down. […]

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Automating Webcam Photo Capture within FileMaker (Windows)

OK folks, here is a hack for you. The Challenge: Capturing images from a web cam into FileMaker on Windows. I was able to achieve this previously on a Mac using AppleScript, but there is no similar easy inter-application scripting language on Windows. FileMaker Go on mobile has the ability to grab photos right from […]

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Records and List

Window Management in FileMaker Pro – Preventing Extra Windows from Opening

My first version of the system was rejected by the customers because it kept opening extra windows, confusing the users. So I set about writing a fairly modular script that I could reuse to test if a window was already open and if so, simply select it, rather than opening another new window. This seemed to make the users much happier. I share it with you and my future self here.

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Create Folders from FileMaker Pro Using AppleScript on a Macintosh

Someone on one of the Facebook FileMaker Group pages recently asked for a simple method, using AppleScript of creating a folder on the Desktop. FileMaker Pro can generate a variety of file formats, including Text, PDF and Excel, and it is possible to script the names of these files. It is also possible to script […]

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Script Workspace

FileMaker 14 – Resources

Well it is finally shipping. After glimpses under NDA and slips (it showed up on Amazon early), FileMaker 14 platform is now shipping. New versions of FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server are available for trial and download. I didn’t have time this round to do a full writeup on what […]

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The End is Near – a Minor Datacalypse is Coming

I have written before about the need to stay current with FileMaker Pro, operating systems and hardware. I recently received an email from a reader who asked: Between me and a colleague we built a large database with all the bells and whistles back in the days of FM 5.5 and yes, we fell behind or […]

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Speedy Document Scanning Directly into FileMaker Pro 13

A Macintosh computer, FileMaker Pro 13, a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, Automator, Applescript, a Folder Action and FileMaker’s URL Scheme make a paperless solution for legal waivers a reality.

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Populating a Portal from a Value List

Occasionally when developing in FileMaker I come across the need to be able to quickly generate a standard set of items from a Value List. In this example, using one of FileMaker’s built-in templates for Projects, I imagined a scenario where a project had a standard set of steps that needed to be generated whenever […]

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2014-11-25 new-ipod-touch-go-black-slate-generation-5

FileMaker Go running on an iPod Touch

I was going to call this article “Cheap Clients”, but it’s not what you think, really… this is an article about using inexpensive iPods Touch devices and the free iOS version of FileMaker Go as ‘cheap network clients’ to access FileMaker databases on the move.

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