HomeBase Software Publishing Ltd., used to provide consulting, design, and development services for FileMaker Pro-based local area network database applications. We built custom solutions for companies and non-profits organizations. Our main tool was FileMaker Pro database software.



As founding publisher and editor of The Computer Paper, Douglas Alder started Canada Computer Paper Inc., in 1988 and grew the publication from a startup of 30,000 copies a month in Vancouver to the dominant computer publication in Canada, with an estimated readership of over 1,000,000 (circulation 350,000) per month across Canada and millions in sales.

Along the way, the company started seven publications and purchased four others. After over 7 years at the helm as an independent company, Mr. Alder sold the publications to Hebdo Mag International in 1995. Following a contractual two-year management term running the company for the purchaser, he left the company in September of 1997.

Canada Computer Paper Inc., made extensive use of FileMaker Pro during its rapid growth and development as a sales, invoicing and contact management system. Subscriptions were also handled using FileMaker Pro. In the beginning, most of the development of this system was done by Douglas Alder. As the company grew, he became too busy to maintain it, and worked with an outside developer to continue with developing the system, keeping a close eye on the overall architecture.

Since 1998 Mr. Alder has focused on developing FileMaker Pro solutions for a variety of organizations (see Clients for more information).

Since the end of 2016, he has retired from active development. Some days, he can still be found chipping away at some database or spending a little too much time keeping up-to-date on the FileMaker world.