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Simple Pick Lists in FileMaker Pro

Download Demo File Recently, I was explaining the Pick List technique for a friend and thought there might be a good example online, but couldn’t find one, so here is my version. This is a pretty simple technique and can be adapted to many different aspects of a solution. Whenever you want to get data […]

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Export Calendar Files from FileMaker – the easy way!

I have written about this multiple times in the past and thought I was done with this, but apparently not. A reader from Germany reported that there was a problem with a certain type of export and could I just tweak the script to make it work.

Why fix something minor, when I can rewrite the entire script?

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Word Processing Functions in FileMaker using Buttons and Scripts

…a new post specifically detailing this version and how to add these features to your own database.

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Word Cloud D3 Javascript in a Web Viewer in FileMaker

I built a Word Cloud to run in FileMaker using an existing D3 Javascript that generates a Word Cloud. I designed it to work on the Desktop or iOS, using the same layout.

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Building Folder Structures in the Finder with FileMaker Pro 17

In keeping with the principle, “Why use a screwdriver, when I have this hammer right here?”, I decided, instead of just downloading a free utility from the Mac App Store, I would build folder creation functionality using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.

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Using AppleScript to send FileMaker data to Apple Notes App

Recently, a friend asked me about automating the export of data from FileMaker to Evernote. A web search found that someone had already figured this out. I thought this might be useful to send data to Notes, the app that I use.

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