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MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro – Part 5 of 4 – Importing Mailing Lists

A reader asked recently about getting a MailChimp list into FileMaker Pro. The work that I did on the MailChimp integration demo was based on a project that I did a customer who wanted to start syncing an existing FileMaker data set with MailChimp, so we were starting with the data in FileMaker. It was […]

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MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro 12 – Part 4 of 4

Readers have reported problems running this file on Windows in FileMaker 11. The problem is that with a Web Viewer on Windows, Internet Explorer, the underlying technology behind the Web Viewer on Windows doesn’t like raw JSON files returned from MailChimp. There are some other solutions for FM 11, but it is fairly simple to […]

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