All the Access you want on a Mac

A recent project required accessing MDB files from Access. I found this useful utility in the Mac App Store.

Bare Bones Microsoft Access Table Viewer app


MDB Viewer available on the Mac Store is really just a bare bones table viewer for Microsoft Access MDB files. It sells for $6 and for the right situation it is well worth the cost.

Export to SQL or CSV


Aside from Viewing and Sorting (click on the column headers to sort) tables, MDB Viewer allows Export to SQL or CSV files.

Wish List


Two things I would love to see added to MDB Viewer.

  • A record count on the table view. This gives a better idea of the size of the data set.
  • A schema document to see how the data tables relate to each other. This would have obvious benefits when rebuilting the Access file in FileMaker.

Adding a schema viewer would substantially increase the value of this app, but even what it does is worthwhile and at $6 it is a bargain.

For full fledged database conversion from Access to FileMaker, FM Migrator seems to be the only game in town, but sells for much more. I have yet to test this product, which is built in RunRev’s LiveCode.

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