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AI-Written Javascript Paywall Jumper

With plenty of time and patience, I might have been able to figure this out myself after much searching for code samples and tweaking to get it to work. Instead, I asked the AI-based ChatGPT to write me a bookmarklet. In 30 seconds, I had my response. I added the Bookmarklet and it works! Call me pretty impressed.

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Word Cloud D3 Javascript in a Web Viewer in FileMaker

I built a Word Cloud to run in FileMaker using an existing D3 Javascript that generates a Word Cloud. I designed it to work on the Desktop or iOS, using the same layout.

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Elapsed Time Display in a Web Viewer

A simple approach, easy to integrate into other FileMaker solutions. A Web Viewer is being sent an HTML page with a Javascript timer displaying the elapsed time. Using the same FileMaker Start Timer script, a Start Time field is set at the same start time and then ended when clicking a FileMaker End Timer button/script.

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