Formatting Text in FileMaker using a Script/Button

On a FileMaker themed Facebook group, someone asked:

In a word processor you can highlight text and then hit a button to change formatting, line BOLD, UNDERLINE, COLOR…etc. In Filemaker you use the format drop down menus, but does anyone know how to make a button to change the format of the currently highlighted text?

I knew I had done this before but struggled to find the solution where I had done this, so I am making a note here for future reference to myself and others.


Make a set of buttons calling a script.

Give each button the script parameter of the desired formatting option, such as ‘bold’, ‘italic’ etc. Then make/call a script called something like ‘Format Text’. 

2020-05-23 Updated script to be field independent, based on suggestions from the person who posed the question in the first place.

Format Text
[ Get(ActiveSelectionSize)=0 ]

#skip action – nothing selected.


#format text using the script parameter.

Set Variable [ $TheText; Value:TextStyleAdd ( Middle ( Get(ActiveFieldContents); Get(ActiveSelectionStart) ; Get (ActiveSelectionSize )) ; Get(ScriptParameter) ) ]

Insert Calculated Result [ $TheText ] 

End If

Once you have the script and buttons in place, you should be able to select text in a field and then tap the buttons to quickly add formatting to your FileMaker database text.

You will of course need to replace ‘FM_Word Processor::Text with the field name you want this script to work on. I tried to make it more portable by using ‘Self’ instead of a field name, but FileMaker did not seem to like this level of abstraction.

Here is a screenshot of the field independent version of this script. Demo file below. Add as many script parameters to the buttons as you need. See the complete list below.

Demo File

Full list of formatting options are here:


















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