WTF? Search – New Web Browser Plugin

‘Where To Find? Search plugin.

Read all about it here: WTF? Search

Install it for Firefox here: Firefox Add-on

Watch the intro video here: YouTube

Building this plugin was a passion project for me. I found myself searching the same web sites for things like computer products or royalty-free music, video and photos. I wanted it a way to search once and have many tabs open all in one go with the search already composed and ready to go. I looked around but could not find anything that fit the bill. First I built it in FileMaker and it was useful, but I wanted it in my browser, so it was always handy.

I approached my son who is a programming wizard and asked him to code the plugin for me in Javascript. With most of the interface worked out in FileMaker it sped up the process. It still took some work adapting it to a web browser interface. We used JSON as the file format, so people can share their Search Sets.

I encourage anyone who does regular web searches to have a look at it. I think you may find it very useful.

  • Douglas Alder

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