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Getting past Paywalls on a Mac with Safari

A Simple Solution to avoiding a paywall: Turn off Javascript in Safari (Safari Menu, Preferences, Security Panel, toggle ‘Enable Javascript’) and then the reload (Command R) the web page. Remember to toggle Javascript back on, because so much of the display of the modern web relies on it, that it really isn’t very functional without Javascript turned on. This works for casual use, but if you find yourself avoidi paywalls often, you may want to go the next step. 

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FileMaker Pro Server – Setting up a Dropbox Backup Copy of Your Databases

Setting up FileMaker Pro Server on a new Mac Mini, running OS X Mavericks, I wanted to add a Scheduled Backup of the Server databases to go to a Dropbox folder. The idea was to add another level of backup that was offsite in the event of fire or theft of the server hardware. Problems […]

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