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Set a Keyboard Shortcut for “Save as PDF” in Mac OS

This is a really useful shortcut. I think it should be built in to Mac OS, but until the powers that be get around to doing this, you can add this feature for yourself.  It is now second nature for me to go Command P, Command P to create a PDF.

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How to Automate Saving the First Page of a Batch of PDFs as JPGs

Not specifically a FileMaker challenge today, this is an Apple Macintosh Automator/Shell Script routine. I recently had the requirement of generating a set of images for a large set of PDFs—I just needed the first page of a batch of PDFs converted into JPG files.

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Flipping in FileMaker

Rotating Images or PDFs in Containers with Applescript (Mac) In my previous blog post I talked about automating scanner documents into FileMaker container fields using AppleScript. This was based on a customer request. Logging in to that system recently, I noticed that it was fairly common for staff members to scan documents in upside down. […]

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Scanner Pro solves the problem of how to fax from your iPhone

Need a way to fax from your iPhone or iPad? I love this app called Scanner Pro from Readdle. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should seriously look at getting this app. The app allows you to take a series of photos and turn them into a single PDF to save to DropBox, […]

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Shrinking Batches of PDF Files on a Mac for FileMaker Server 12

Putting PDFs on a diet. With FileMaker 12’s new container abilities, more developers and companies will be using FileMaker 12 for document management systems. One of the issues with document management is file size. ‘Garbage in, landfill overflow’ as they say. If you put in huge files, you may quickly end up with a gigantic […]

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