Set a Keyboard Shortcut for “Save as PDF” in Mac OS

The original inspiration for this article is from OSX Daily, but some of the information and the screenshots are dated, so I thought I would do a fresh version.
Here are the steps that will work currently:
1) Go to: Apple Menu: System Preferences: Keyboard Panel


  • 1) Select Shortcuts
  • 2) App Shortcuts
  • 3) Add a Shortcut


Enter the Shortcut. If you enter the text as it is written in a menu item, it will invoke that command. Most apps use ‘Save as PDF” (no ellipses).


The new ‘Save as PDF’ menu item is now added.


It seems weird to use ‘Command P’ as the shortcut, won’t that screw up the Print menu item?


Well, no it doesn’t, it just adds to it. If you just want to print, you can still type Command P. If you want to Print to PDF, you enter it twice, ‘Command P, Command P’. It is easy to remember and should work in most applications.


This is a really useful shortcut. I think it should be built in to Mac OS, but until the powers that be get around to doing this, you can add this feature for yourself.  It is now second nature for me to go Command P, Command P to create a PDF.

One Response to “Set a Keyboard Shortcut for “Save as PDF” in Mac OS”

  1. Working perfectly. Here the needed French text I used ‘Enregistrer au format PDF’.
    Thank you.

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