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How to Automate Saving the First Page of a Batch of PDFs as JPGs

Not specifically a FileMaker challenge today, this is an Apple Macintosh Automator/Shell Script routine. I recently had the requirement of generating a set of images for a large set of PDFs—I just needed the first page of a batch of PDFs converted into JPG files.

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Speedy Document Scanning Directly into FileMaker Pro 13

A Macintosh computer, FileMaker Pro 13, a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, Automator, Applescript, a Folder Action and FileMaker’s URL Scheme make a paperless solution for legal waivers a reality.

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How to Automate Webcam Photo Capture Within Filemaker Pro (Mac)

2018-08-16 Update Reader Tim Fox from Miami pointed out that this demo file wasn’t working any more. I have updated it to FM12 format and edited the Automator routine a bit to make it a little faster and smoother running. If you have already attempted to use this and are re-downloading the file, please delete […]

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Shrinking Batches of PDF Files on a Mac for FileMaker Server 12

Putting PDFs on a diet. With FileMaker 12’s new container abilities, more developers and companies will be using FileMaker 12 for document management systems. One of the issues with document management is file size. ‘Garbage in, landfill overflow’ as they say. If you put in huge files, you may quickly end up with a gigantic […]

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