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MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro – Part 2 of 4

UPDATE: 2013-06-20 FileMaker 12 version of the demo is available that should work with Windows. UPDATE: 2012-08-07 Windows users with FileMaker 12 have an option to solve the JSON error message issue by swapping out the Web Viewer steps and instead employ the new Insert from URL script step. This will save a few lines of code and […]

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MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro – Part 1 of 4

UPDATE: 2013-09-03 For those of you who find all this stuff a little too confusing or too much work, you may want to consider a recently announced FileMaker database/web service just came through my email box. The application is called Mail List Maker, is built in FileMaker Pro and offers a full fledge email management system that […]

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