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Exporting UTF-8 Files from FileMaker Pro

In FileMaker 16, a new function was introduced called ‘TextEncode’. It was a lifesaver and an answer to my repeated whinging about how much trouble it was in previous versions of FileMaker to export plain Jane utf-8 files.

UTF, WTF! Writing HTML and JSON from FileMaker

Recently, I was working on a Timeline creation database. A FileMaker Pro database is used to store the events that will be displayed on the timeline. When the data has been entered, the database is designed to export two files, one an HTML file for the main page display and the second a JSON file […]

Export Calendar Files from FileMaker – the easy way!

I have written about this multiple times in the past and thought I was done with this, but apparently not. A reader from Germany reported that there was a problem with a certain type of export and could I just tweak the script to make it work.

Why fix something minor, when I can rewrite the entire script?

Speedy Document Scanning Directly into FileMaker Pro 13

A Macintosh computer, FileMaker Pro 13, a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, Automator, Applescript, a Folder Action and FileMaker’s URL Scheme make a paperless solution for legal waivers a reality.

Tools for New FileMaker Developers – How to make a million bucks…

FileMaker has a bit of a push on right now to get new developers into working with the FileMaker Pro platform. They recently launched a webpage on their main website to encourage new developers considering the platform. At the recent FileMaker DevCon they talked it up and encouraged developers to help enlisting others to the […]

Exporting vCards from FileMaker Pro

Update 2019-06-12: A reader asked about getting this to work on iOS and it prompted me to ditch the Virtual List method and use the much simpler Text Encode Function that was introduced in FileMaker 16.  This simplifies the integration into other systems as well. Now you just need to add two fields (UUID and FieldExport) and two scripts (edit the one with the REQUIRED FIELDS) to add this functionality to any database.

Caller ID looks up FileMaker Client Record with VOIP Telephone

A few weeks back, we had a meeting of the BC FileMaker Developer Association. Joshua Paul of Neo Code Software, was talking about the benefits of the Voice Over Internet phone system his company had installed. His phone costs were way down, the voice quality was reliable and crystal clear (because the system uses better more […]

Mapping from FileMaker Pro with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet Markercluster.js

2018-12-17 Update: It has been pointed out by reader Andreas that the geo coding function no longer works in this demo file. As I recall, this demo was still using the Google API to get the geo coordinates. I haven’t yet found a URL method for looking up Map Coordinates for Longitude and Latitude. This capability […]

Export Calendar files from FileMaker Pro – Virtual List Technique

Update 2015-11-25: An even easier method of creating vCards that seem to work cross platform is demonstrated by Joe Simpson of Radical Application Development. He uses Base64Encode and then Base64Decode to generate the file in a container field. The same approach should work with .ics files. Then it is a simple matter to export it. Check it out […]

Exporting Calendar files (.ics) from FileMaker Pro 13

2017-04-23 Update: Radical Application Development’s page has changed, so here is another link that describes the Base64Encode/Decode technique: FileMaker Hacks. 2014-05-22 Update: If you have problems with the import of .ics events into your calendar, please see the next blog posting on Exporting Calendar files using the Virtual List Technique.   Update 2015-11-25: An even easier method of creating vCards […]

QR Codes in FileMaker 12 & 13 — No Plug-ins, No Custom Functions

A while back I did a blog posting on generating 2D Bar Codes, or QR Codes from Google’s Chart API. The demo was created back in the dark days of FileMaker 11, before the advent of the Insert from URL function (FM12). In the old demo I used a Custom Function and a free plugin […]

Creating Timelines for the web in FileMaker using TimelineJS

2018-03-28 Update: LuminFire has taken over development of this timeline project. Check their web site for updates to the database file. 2016-07-19 Update: Check out this simple and elegant timeline integration by Av Rolf at Mallverkstan. 2014-08-09 Update: I have added a Virtual List export to complement the existing XML Stylesheet export. Both versions are in the […]

Creating Google Cluster Maps from FileMaker

  2014-12-17 Update: The FileMaker Pro 11 demo works well on Macintosh, but there are some issues with Internet Explorer on Windows. If at all possible, it is recommended that you use FileMaker Pro 12 or 13 on Windows. Here is a link to the FileMaker Pro 12 Demo. 2014-01-25 Update: Working with the demo file in […]

FileMaker and Image Maps in a Web Viewer

Software, although continuously improving sometimes loses capabilities that were in older packages or versions. For a long time, I have wished there was a better way to tie an image map to data in FileMaker, something I saw demonstrated a long time ago. Filevision offered the ability to link graphics and data Source: ebay auction […]

Creating and Storing 2D Bar Codes in FileMaker

2D Bar Codes are all the rage these days. These new style bar codes can store considerably more data than a standard bar code. Combined with the wide spread availability of iPhones and other smart phones with a built-in camera, capable of scanning these codes, there is an opportunity to employ these codes for a […]