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Mapping Directions from FileMaker Pro with Google Maps

Ever wish you could generate a Google Map pin map from your FileMaker database of things like: a sales route a customer list a distribution list? Not a complex Cluster Map of large numbers of addresses, as I have detailed in another blog post, but a simple reusable script to display small groups of locations as […]

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Cluster Maps Update – Running URL Scripts in a Web Viewer

A reader’s suggestion prompted me to try a powerful technique I have been wanting to experiment with: two-way communication through the Web Viewer. By that, I mean sending a calculated link into some HTML in a FileMaker Web Viewer via a script or calculation. Then with the Web Viewer displayed, the user clicks on the link […]

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Creating Google Cluster Maps from FileMaker

  2014-12-17 Update: The FileMaker Pro 11 demo works well on Macintosh, but there are some issues with Internet Explorer on Windows. If at all possible, it is recommended that you use FileMaker Pro 12 or 13 on Windows. Here is a link to the FileMaker Pro 12 Demo. 2014-01-25 Update: Working with the demo file in […]

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