Populating a Portal from a Value List

Occasionally when developing in FileMaker I come across the need to be able to quickly generate a standard set of items from a Value List. In this example, using one of FileMaker’s built-in templates for Projects, I imagined a scenario where a project had a standard set of steps that needed to be generated whenever […]

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2014-11-25 new-ipod-touch-go-black-slate-generation-5

FileMaker Go running on an iPod Touch

I was going to call this article “Cheap Clients”, but it’s not what you think, really… this is an article about using inexpensive iPods Touch devices and the free iOS version of FileMaker Go as ‘cheap network clients’ to access FileMaker databases on the move.

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Building an Accounts Receivables and Invoicing System in FileMaker Pro

Long ago, a wise old accountant named Bud, once pointed out to a much younger version of me, that most businesses have very similar accounting needs with respect to Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll systems. Where they differ the most is in the Sales and Accounts Receivable (also Inventory Systems, but that is a […]

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Tools for New FileMaker Developers – How to make a million bucks…

FileMaker has a bit of a push on right now to get new developers into working with the FileMaker Pro platform. They recently launched a webpage on their main website to encourage new developers considering the platform. At the recent FileMaker DevCon they talked it up and encouraged developers to help enlisting others to the […]

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Applescript Notification from FileMaker

FileMaker developers (and other app developers) are always looking for better ways to communicate information to their users. System level notifications have proven to be an effective way of sending short ‘dissolving’ messages to users. These Notification messages show up in the top right corner of the users screen, make a little chime, hang around for […]

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Exporting vCards from FileMaker Pro 13

I wanted a simple method of adding vCard export capability from my FileMaker databases to get Contact information into my Contacts application. This is my first attempt at Modular FileMaker (as defined at although I do generally try to make my code as portable as possible. Update 2014-10-23: I forgot to credit Donald Clark […]

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Harnessing FileMaker Pro 12/13’s Document Management Features WITHOUT FileMaker Server

Many small businesses take advantage of FileMaker Pro’s ability to host up to 5 clients from a copy of FileMaker Pro, rather than invest in the more pricey FileMaker Server. Recently, I encountered just such a client who wanted to add some document management features to their solution and I wasn’t sure they would be […]

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Why Upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13?

Time marches on with software. Keeping up with the latest version of any software can be a delicate balance between hardware, operating system and the actual software. Upgrade too soon and your users can end up experiencing glitches, printer drivers haven’t been updated for the new operating system, old hardware won’t run the new operating […]

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Modular FileMaker – A New Mailchimp Module

If you are not familiar with the web site called Modular FileMaker, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the great code residing there. A Mailchimp module was recently added from FMSimplicity. It is, as advertised, modular and offers the potential of a less complicated installation procedure. I haven’t actually tried installing it yet, but it looks promising. If […]

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Caller ID looks up FileMaker Client Record with VOIP Telephone

A few weeks back, we had a meeting of the BC FileMaker Developer Association. Joshua Paul of Neo Code Software, was talking about the benefits of the Voice Over Internet phone system his company had installed. His phone costs were way down, the voice quality was reliable and crystal clear (because the system uses better more […]

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How to Maintain a Connection to FileMaker Server on a Dynamic IP Address with DynDNS Updater

Overview Once you have your FileMaker Server setup and accessible remotely, I recommend setting up Remote Access service. Their tagline is “Access your device or files using a unique hostname, instead of a confusing (and ever-changing) IP address.” The reason you may need a service like this is because in many cases your Internet provider doesn’t […]

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FileMaker Pro Server – Setting up a Dropbox Backup Copy of Your Databases

Setting up FileMaker Pro Server on a new Mac Mini, running OS X Mavericks, I wanted to add a Scheduled Backup of the Server databases to go to a Dropbox folder. The idea was to add another level of backup that was offsite in the event of fire or theft of the server hardware. Problems […]

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Mapping from FileMaker Pro with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet Markercluster.js

Recently, when searching for updates to markercluster.js on Google, I found an interesting Javascript library called Leaflet Markercluster, that uses OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps. OpenStreetMap is an open source, Wikipedia-like project for maps. Apple is using some of the data from OpenStreetMap in the Maps app on iOS and Macintosh. The maps and data are not as robust as […]

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Cluster Maps Update – fixed popup formatting bug

Fixed formatting issue on the popup box. This version also uses V3 of the markercluster.js file. Download the Demo File Popup box formatting issue Previous versions of the Cluster Maps demo have suffered from a formatting issue. I have known about this for a while, but haven’t had the time to fix it. I […]

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Export Calendar files from FileMaker Pro – Virtual List Technique

I thought I was in the clear with my previous demo/post. A number of readers have pointed out the error of my ways. In my last post about exporting Calendar files, I glossed over the UTF-8/16 issue that is still present in FileMaker Pro. The problem is that if a script employs “Export Field Contents”, which […]

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Exporting Calendar files (.ics) from FileMaker Pro 13

2014-05-22 Update: If you have problems with the import of .ics events into your calendar, please see the next blog posting on Exporting Calendar files using the Virtual List Technique. I have been working on an event-based database project and my client was requesting some way to get the events to their Calendar application. I looked around and […]

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No Internet Connection, Can’t use Plugins, Need QR Codes? — Create QR Codes in FileMaker Pro using only Javascript

A while back, I wrote a blog and demo using FileMaker Pro to generate QR Codes. The technique employed Google’s API to generate a QR Code and the Insert from URL command in FileMaker Pro 12 to get the code into a container field. A reader requested a technique that allowed users to generate QR […]

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Exploring the New File Level Encryption Feature in FileMaker Pro 13

What is the new Encryption At Rest (EAR) ability for in FileMaker Pro 13? FileMaker Safe? I started out exploring FileMaker Pro 13’s new encryption feature because I wondered about securing a single FileMaker database on my system. We like to think of a FileMaker file as a locked box, but I was never quite […]

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FileMaker Development on a Windows 8 Tablet

I tried. I wanted to make this work, but the software and hardware does not seem to be there yet. When the iPad/FileMaker Go combo came out, I immediately wished that I could program FileMaker Pro on my favorite reclining device — an iPad tablet. It seems unlikely that FileMaker Inc., will add developer tools […]

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