MailChimp Integration with FileMaker Pro – Part 5 of 4 – Importing Mailing Lists

A reader asked recently about getting a MailChimp list into FileMaker Pro.

The work that I did on the MailChimp integration demo was based on a project that I did a customer who wanted to start syncing an existing FileMaker data set with MailChimp, so we were starting with the data in FileMaker. It was not built to pull down existing records from MailChimp into FileMaker. In my client’s case, when new people sign up on MailChimp, a staffer views the new adds list on Mailchimp and then they add people semi-manually to FileMaker, so that someone is checking for duplicates.

Demo: FileMaker 12
Demo: FileMaker 7-11

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Download your MailChimp List


A simple approach is to download a list from Mailchimp, (click the download button at the right of your list view). Log into your MailChimp account and click on the Subscriber List you want to import into FileMaker.

Look for a ‘members’ file in your Downloads folder


This is the text file we will be importing into FileMaker.

In FileMaker select Import Records from the File Menu


In the Open File dialog box, set the file types to All Available so that the .csv file is accessible


Map the fields to import


Map the fields to the import by dragging the Target fields on the right up or down by clicking on the small up/down arrow next to the target field name. Make sure the little arrow in the middle is clicked, or no data will be imported into that field.

At the bottom of the Import dialog box, select the ‘Add New Records’ option.

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