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Applescript Notification from FileMaker

FileMaker developers (and other app developers) are always looking for better ways to communicate information to their users. System level notifications have proven to be an effective way of sending short ‘dissolving’ messages to users. These Notification messages show up in the top right corner of the users screen, make a little chime, hang around for […]

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FileMaker MailChimp Integration – Part 3 of 4

UPDATE: 2013-06-20 FileMaker 12 version of the demo is available that should work with Windows. UPDATE: 2012-08-07 Windows users with FileMaker 12 have an option to solve the JSON error message issue by swapping out the Web Viewer steps and instead employ the new Insert from URL script step. This will save a few lines of code […]

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Growl Integration with FileMaker

FileMaker dialog boxes can be informative, but sometimes they are just annoying. You have to click them to get them to go away. Lots of times, you just want to give a little bit of feedback to the user, so they they get a clue as to what your scripts are doing, without requiring them […]

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