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Export Calendar files from FileMaker Pro – Virtual List Technique

Update 2015-11-25: An even easier method of creating vCards that seem to work cross platform is demonstrated by Joe Simpson of Radical Application Development. He uses Base64Encode and then Base64Decode to generate the file in a container field. The same approach should work with .ics files. Then it is a simple matter to export it. Check it out […]

Exporting Calendar files (.ics) from FileMaker Pro 13

2017-04-23 Update: Radical Application Development’s page has changed, so here is another link that describes the Base64Encode/Decode technique: FileMaker Hacks. 2014-05-22 Update: If you have problems with the import of .ics events into your calendar, please see the next blog posting on Exporting Calendar files using the Virtual List Technique.   Update 2015-11-25: An even easier method of creating vCards […]

Adding .ics files to Calendar on iOS

Try this, email an .ics file to yourself and then attempt to add it to the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad. Does it work? It didn’t for me as of 2021-07-31. Seems like it used to work. A web search suggests that other people are having the same problem. Possibly for security reasons Apple turned this feature off?

Anyway, this has an impact on a FileMaker Go demo database I made a while back that exports .ics files. Recently a reader, Nellie, wrote to say:

FullCalendarIO – a Javascript/HTML Calendar for FileMaker Pro

Add a free open source calendar to Filemaker Pro databases by using the Web Viewer.

Exporting vCards from FileMaker Pro

Update 2019-06-12: A reader asked about getting this to work on iOS and it prompted me to ditch the Virtual List method and use the much simpler Text Encode Function that was introduced in FileMaker 16.  This simplifies the integration into other systems as well. Now you just need to add two fields (UUID and FieldExport) and two scripts (edit the one with the REQUIRED FIELDS) to add this functionality to any database.