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Creating Google Cluster Maps from FileMaker

  2014-12-17 Update: The FileMaker Pro 11 demo works well on Macintosh, but there are some issues with Internet Explorer on Windows. If at all possible, it is recommended that you use FileMaker Pro 12 or 13 on Windows. Here is a link to the FileMaker Pro 12 Demo. 2014-01-25 Update: Working with the demo file in […]

Mapping from FileMaker Pro with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet Markercluster.js

2018-12-17 Update: It has been pointed out by reader Andreas that the geo coding function no longer works in this demo file. As I recall, this demo was still using the Google API to get the geo coordinates. I haven’t yet found a URL method for looking up Map Coordinates for Longitude and Latitude. This capability […]

Cluster Maps Update – fixed popup formatting bug

Fixed formatting issue on the popup box. This version also uses V3 of the markercluster.js file. Download the Demo File Popup box formatting issue Previous versions of the Cluster Maps demo have suffered from a formatting issue. I have known about this for a while, but haven’t had the time to fix it. I […]

Mapping Directions from FileMaker Pro with Google Maps

Ever wish you could generate a Google Map pin map from your FileMaker database of things like: a sales route a customer list a distribution list? Not a complex Cluster Map of large numbers of addresses, as I have detailed in another blog post, but a simple reusable script to display small groups of locations as […]

Cluster Maps Continued: Perimeter Search in FileMaker Pro 12

Working on a presentation for a customer that employs the Cluster Maps concept, the request came up about doing perimeter searches—as in ‘How do I see all the related addresses around a specific location?” This ability would aid sales people in the field, cut down on travel etc. A search on Brian Dunning’s very useful […]

Cluster Maps Update – Running URL Scripts in a Web Viewer

A reader’s suggestion prompted me to try a powerful technique I have been wanting to experiment with: two-way communication through the Web Viewer. By that, I mean sending a calculated link into some HTML in a FileMaker Web Viewer via a script or calculation. Then with the Web Viewer displayed, the user clicks on the link […]

Making FileMaker interact with Google Translate

2017-12-31 Update – It has been a while since I looked at this file. Reader Jose, informed me that it was no longer working, so I set out to modernize it using the new JSON functions in FileMaker 16. I have created a new demo file, which requires FM 16 to use. The interface is […]

FileMaker and Image Maps in a Web Viewer

Software, although continuously improving sometimes loses capabilities that were in older packages or versions. For a long time, I have wished there was a better way to tie an image map to data in FileMaker, something I saw demonstrated a long time ago. Filevision offered the ability to link graphics and data Source: ebay auction […]


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Simple Static Map Overlays in FileMaker Pro

This is an idea I had about creating static map overlays in FileMaker Pro. The gist of it is to create a base graphic map using a program like Photoshop and then add a number of transparent overlays to the map. Save the base map and overlay layers as transparent PNG files and import them […]

Where Am I? Using FileMaker Go 12 to track your Location

FileMaker Go 12 has a new mobile function called “Location()”. Location() only works on Mobile devices at this point, so to test this demo file you need to have FileMaker Go 12 installed on your iOS device, an iPhone, iPod or iPad. FileMaker Go is free and available here for the iPhone and here for […]

Interactive Charts driven by Virtual Javascript files

Check out this demo of cool interactive charts by Logicurio. They use an interesting technique with their handling of Javascripts. Instead of writing the file out the drive, they store the .js file in a global field and then throw the text of the .js files into Global Variables on launch. Define Global text fields […]

FileMaker Progress Indicators using a Web Viewer and Animated GIFs

With the advent of the Web Viewer technology being added to FileMaker, developers started to employ these useful containers for all sorts of things. One of the obvious things is to add an animated GIF to a layout to give users an indication that something is happening when a long script is running. There is […]

Creating and Storing 2D Bar Codes in FileMaker

2D Bar Codes are all the rage these days. These new style bar codes can store considerably more data than a standard bar code. Combined with the wide spread availability of iPhones and other smart phones with a built-in camera, capable of scanning these codes, there is an opportunity to employ these codes for a […]